Not just another jewelry store...

A Business is Born

The Silver Loft was started in 2006 as a small hand crafted art and jewelry booth.  I traveled around different places in the San Francisco Bay Area showing my creations to others and hoping they loved them as much as I did.  I opened up an Etsy shop and soon enough my hobby was a small business!  Jewelry is my creative outlet.  My inspiration often starts with the sweet small instances in my life and in other's lives that filter their way into my creations.  Living in the California sunshine and close to a city I love are two things that make my creative juices flowing.

Style and Quality

I love nothing more than something that is well made but can also fit in the palm of my hand.  I was never a girly girl, but I always loved contrast and sparkle.  Bringing those two together with my own two hands is something I enjoy greatly.  I want all of my customers to love their items as much as I do when I finish them.  I want to be proud of my work and to make my customers proud as well!

A Big Thank You!

I have to thank the family, friends and customers that support not only my endeavors but also my life.  Although it took years to do, I am finally able to use my love of creating beautiful tiny things to help support our living in the lovely state of California which although beautiful, is expensive.  This business allows me to work from home while my children are growing up {way to fast}.  

Through this small business I have also gained a true love of supporting small businesses.  Most of my supplies come from other Etsy shops, small stores and individuals just like me.  My team consists of close family and friends.  When you support my business you are supporting small business everywhere!  Thank you!


Leisa Waldron